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Enter the Fiddle Contest!

Ready to fiddle? Enter your details and submit the form with payment below. Please read the contest rules and judging criteria. Your payment enters you into the contest and admits you to the festival. If you prefer to pay by cash or check on the day of the event or have other questions, please contact us.

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Fiddle Style
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Price: $10.00
One application and entry fee per contestant. Entry fee includes full event pass. Online earl-bird price: $10. Day of event: $15.

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Call for Judges!

Interested in judging the fiddle contest? We are seeking additional judges for this event. Admission to the festival is free. Contact us for details!

Contest Rules:

  1. Eligibility: The contest is open to all ages. Please select your division on the entry form.
  2. Instrumentation: Only acoustic fiddles/violins are permitted. No amplified instruments may be used.
  3. Style: As a Texas Celtic festival, there is bound to be a range of styles! Judging criteria are not based on a single style, so select the one you prefer to play.
  4. Repertoire: In each round, the contestants may play a tune of their choice for their style. Each tune may only be played once and must be in the public domain. Medleys may be played but must fit within the time limit. Sheet music is not allowed in the competition area.
  5. Time Limits: Each contestant will be ready to play when their name is called and limit their playing to five minutes or less.
  6. Accompaniment: Contestants may play with or without accompaniment with a limit of 3.

Judging Criteria:

  1. Rhythm/Timing: 15 points – The judges will listen for even, consistent rhythm. Rushing, dragging, or unevenness in performance will result in lost points in this category.
  2. Creativity: 15 points – The judges will listen for variations, improvisations and “good licks.” Repetitious performance (i.e., using the same “licks” over and over in the same tune) will result in lost points.
  3. Authenticity /Taste: 30 points – The judges will listen for selection of authentic performance style in each category. The player should represent the style authentically.
  4. Expression: 20 points – The judges will listen for the feeling that the contestants put into their performance. Flat, mechanical, unfeeling performances will result in lost points, as will excessive “showmanship”.
  5. Execution: 20 points – The judges will listen for tone quality, clarity, and general command of the instrument(s). Bad tone and muffled notes will result in lost points.

The awards will include cash prizes and more! There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place award for each division. Details are in the works and more will be added. If you are interested in supporting the fiddle contest or desire to contribute to the awards, please contact us.

1st Place

(Each Division)

$125 dollar prize

2nd Place

(Each Division)

$80 dollar prize

3rd Place

(Each Division)

$40 dollar prize