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Welcome to the Clan Village!

The Decatur Celtic Festival is bigger than ever with clans attending that represent a wide and interesting history of the Celtic nations.

Clan Facts

A Scottish clan is a kinship group among the Scottish people, characterized by a shared ancestry, history, culture, and identity.

  • Clans are organized around a shared surname, led by a clan chief who is responsible for the welfare of the clan members. 
  • Clans typically have their own distinctive tartan patterns, crests, mottos, and battle flags that identify the members.
  • The clan system was historically centered in the Scottish Highlands, but also existed in other parts of Scotland.
  • Clans played a central role in the political and social landscape of Scotland for many centuries, often being involved in battles and feuds with other clans.
  • While clans were traditionally based on kinship, in reality, many clansmen were not actually related to the clan chief but took the chief’s surname for protection and support.
  • The clan system was severely weakened by the end of the 17th century due to the Acts of Union and efforts by the British government to suppress it.
  • Today, many Scottish clans still exist, with members continuing to celebrate their heritage through cultural events and gatherings.

Represent Your Clan!

Be part of the Decatur Celtic Festival! Represent your clan with a dedicated space to share your clan’s history and stories.

Registration Deadline: April 30th, 2024

Register Here

Calling of the Clans!

To kick off the days events and welcome attendees, we will host a CALLING OF THE CLANS. While this was traditionally done in preparation for battle, unifying all the clans as one, today, it signifies the connections we share within our families, heritage, and community.

Calling of the Clans
Saturday, May 4th  –
9:30 AM


Clan Bell

Clan Boyd

Clan Buchanan

Clan Campbell

Clan Cunningham

Clan Donnachaidh

Clan Hannay

Clan Lindsay

Clan MacTavish

Clan Maitland

Clan Menzies